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Yoursquo;ll find my portfolio will serve as a perfect portrayal of my personal and professional self. (I love alliteration). Now y’all can check out my work sprinkled with signs of my ”sparkling personality.” If you’re ready to get inside the mind of a young, creative web professional you are in the right place!

Psst: I'm in the process of moving my portfolio to it's permenant home at my

I’m a PHP developer in Massachusetts. I live in Central Massachusetts but work in the Boston Metro area. I’m an amateur photographer, always finding different ways to bring together my passions of web dev and photography. I have strong experience with PHP, MySQL, CSS, xHTML, HTML5, JavaScript, XML, RSS, custom content management system development, and WordPress installs and customizations. I run a few projects right now and a number of in–progress projects (as any true PHP adventurer should.)

I've also recently started doing more photography freelance development as well as photography work in the New England area.

If you have any questions please direct them to me via the contact form.

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